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Welcome to Singapore Education Services (SES). A world of educational opportunities in Singapore awaits you here. Come explore and fulfill your highest aspirations and potential with SES.

We are a dedicated Education Consultancy firm with headquarters in the city state of Singapore. Our first office was set up in Sri Lanka in 1996. Our network now extends through South - East Asia, South Asia, North Asia and the Indian Ocean, and we are expanding further due to our unique One-Stop Service concept.

SES’ offices and associates in Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and China, provide a one-stop service for all enquiries. With the HUB itself located in Singapore, we are able to address the cross section of issues related to the Singapore education industry. We provide up-to-date information from the latest courses in public and private institutions, to Government policies as set by Singapore’s EduTrust, to light your pathway in achieving your goal in Education.

We encourage students to look at SES as YOUR EDUCATION HUB
Singapore’s cosmopolitan city - state driven by technology and modern aspirations offer a safe and ideal urban oasis to live, study and play in. Singaporean society is increasingly becoming a melting-pot of peoples, cultures, cuisines and thoughts, making it a progressive and welcoming global centre that attracts the best.

As a destination for higher education, Singapore’s attractiveness lies in:
Safety - low crime rate
Good health infrastructure
Cost - effective compared to other countries which offer quality education
Standards and policies of education strictly monitored by Government
Student protection scheme
Crossroads between East and West - Western modernisation tempered with Eastern values
Quality infrastructure - public transport, communications and international airline hub
Food - hygienic, caters to all nationalities
Multi - racial with freedom of religion
English language widely spoken
Almost unlimited visa restrictions for students and parents
Centre for global arts and culture
World-class sports facilities
Entrepreneurial opportunities after graduation
Exposure to international centre of excellence
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