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Probably the most unique service we provide is a seamless Guardianship service right from the point of entry up to graduation. SES’s guardians meet the students at the airport and take them by the hand to guide them into a new life in the Lion City. We are well known for our 24 - hour and 365 - day availability to provide our Guardianship service for any emergency, be it a request from students residing in Singapore or a Parent's request from overseas.
We assist the parents and students to identify the correct institution in line with the student's education pathway, and advise on expected expenses for Tuition Fees, Accommodation and other incidentals for a study programme in Singapore. This avoids any financial surprises to the parents and students who may not know the actual conditions in Singapore.
Singapore Education Exchange Program - The success and high quality of the Singapore way of life and its education, economic and Government system has generated a lot of interest among people in the region and elsewhere. Now with SEEP, students and undergraduates from other countries can have a live experience of various aspects of this globally - acclaimed tiny but successful nation. Specially-structured visits to relevant and educational places of interest, with the option of integrated classroom work and any other request, can be arranged for individuals, organizations or Educational Institutes.
Gaining relevant practical experience is part and parcel of modern-day education. We understand that students may find it difficult to contact and be accepted by the “right” public or private organisations for short internships. With SES's wide global network built over the years, we can connect individuals to companies outside Singapore to gain the experience and prepare them to meet the challenges of the real globalized world.