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This is none other than Jessica J. Loh, who has been lived, worked and studied in the United States and South Korea for almost 10 years. She is the Chief Operating Officer for SES-HUB, as well as the head of Guardianship Services. Jessica's overseas experience made her aware of the importance of Guardianship services for a foreign student.

Back in the early 90’s, Jessica’s first international exposure was in America. There was nothing which Jessica has not gone through in her life while overseas. Jessica is the second youngest child in a family of 6 children. Jessica’s mother, like any mother in the world, was sick worrying about her yet too far away to help when she was in trouble. Jessica has fallen sick, felt lonely at times, faced problems in her school work, been bullied by her colleagues while overseas, and met obstacles yet not knowing how to solve them. Jessica was not so fortunate to have a Guardian with her. Gradually, Jessica suffered
from homesickness, and could even hear her mother calling her name softly while sleeping. As a foreign student overseas, Jessica had no close friends whom she could share her feelings. She even felt her life as meaningless.
While these experiences have made her stronger and independent, Jessica also understands that not all young people have the capacity to walk out of depression. Given an opportunity to step into the education industry now, Jessica would like to contribute to society, to help these foreign students in Singapore, as well as to eliminate the worries of the parents back home.

Her love and passion towards youth and children have never stopped growing. Thanks to Jessica’s real life experiences, she understands the cultural differences and the problems a student may face in a foreign country.

Hence, our Guardianship service starts right from the moment the student gets to the Arrival lounge of the airport, and continues right on to Graduation.
The Force behind SES-HUB Guardianship Services