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Many parents may not see the importance of a Guardian for their son or daughter who is studying overseas. But what happens when there is an emergency, or when parents can't contact their son or daughter? The school counselor or International Office can only be contacted during office hours, and may be hard to reach as the lines may be busy.
This is where having a Guardian can give parents peace of mind and relief. Our Guardianship services means parents have access to the personal mobile number of the Guardian, who can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year. The Guardian can be reached even during public holidays and in the dead of night.
While Singapore has a reputation as being a safe city, it is a mistake to think that nothing will happen. Sudden illness or a pandemic like the recent AH1N1 flu may strike the student, an accident may occur or a student may get into a predicament such as conflict or argument with another student, or maybe having problems with a room-mate or with the landlord. The student may have nobody to turn to in a strange land. In times of loneliness and distress, the student can also contact the Guardian maybe just for a chat or to speak to someone with a listening ear.

This is where our friendly and approachable Singaporean Guardian comes in. The student and the parents have someone to turn to, at any time in the day or night, in times of need. The Guardianship services begin right from the moment the student comes to the arrival lounge of the Airport, and only ends upon Graduation.