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An internship is a type of work experience for entry-level job seekers in combination with their academic education. Internships involve working in your expected career field, mostly over a period of six months. Besides gaining valuable experience, you get exposed to the business environment and gain valuable references and network contacts. This is the best opportunity to develop business skills, learn about the industry, and gain exposure to the work environment. An internship position is extremely beneficial to the student who participates, for he or she receives "real world" business experience and an early opportunity to impress potential employers. Learning by doing and being exposed to professionals working in the field provides valuable experience and a professional reference.
SES can provide training/internships in businesses in Singapore and around the region, and in accordance with their field of study. Our vast network will give students a valuable source for furthering their expertise in the industry. In most cases, this has lead to gainful employment well ahead of graduation.
In combination with SES’s Guardianship program, parents can also rest assured that their precious children are well taken care of during the entire process. Our guardianship is well known in the industry, as it comprises every aspect of one’s life in a new country. Many testimonials confirming this can be found on our facebook page, and that’s why this is indeed a winning combination to jumpstart a young person’s career.

In the past, SES has coordinated countless internships and short term training assignments in various industries with a very high success rate. Some of our interns are now well on their way to become leaders in their field, be it in Singapore or the region.